2014-årsrapport fra Johanniter International

Årsrapporten fra Johanniter International kan downloades her.

Johanniter International aktiviteterFra rapportens sammenfatning af, hvad Johanniter International er:

“Johanniter International (JOIN) is a partnership of 16 national charity organisations in Europe and the Middle East, which were originally founded by the Orders of St John, and the four Orders of the Alliance of the Orders of St John. Member organisations provide national and international services such as emergency medical services, first aid, social care, youth work and international assistance, in addition to services for
elderly, poor and disabled people in need. The shared approach of JOIN members to humanitarian welfare and social aid is based on the member organisations’ Christian heritage.
The work of JOIN charities is made possible through the combined efforts of over 100,000 volunteers and professionals who believe that our societies need
people that care for other people. JOIN is made up of charitable organisations that rely on fundraising to continue their work. Activities and projects are
funded by donations from individuals, companies and foundations across the world.
The central office is located in Brussels, Belgium. Its purpose is to advocate the interests of St John charities within the institutions of the European Union and facilitate Europe-wide cooperation as well
as international projects.”